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Our Partners


We are a growing community of like-minded believers,

recognizing the artist in all of us. Every artist requires tools.

The Humble Bumble Book  has benefited from the support of

our village partnerships and our virtual rolodex.


River RIse is a wellness business here to help facilitate and advocate toward your journey toward an authentic life.  With a variety of workshops, doula services, events, and more we can help you achieve your goals.  We are motivated by you and what you want.


Urban Legacy  – To Build Black Wealth!

There are so many social issues to address. The black wealth crisis is the most unaddressed social issue in America, even among those fighting racism. We leverage skilling, entrepreneurship and ownership to increase wealth generating activities. A lack of wealth is the root cause of so many racial issues. We are excited to see how increasing black wealth improves black life.

CURE – The Coalition for Understanding Racism Through Education –  exists with the conviction that understanding systemic racism in America is a critical part of building an authentically equitable community. CURE is a local volunteer, advocacy group in Larchmont and Mamaroneck, NY that strives to educate our neighbors about the structures and implications of systemic racism in our country’s institutions, as a critical part of dismantling it.We believe that a deep knowledge of the roots of racism will plant seeds in the minds and hearts of blossoming activists, accomplices and anti-racists who will take ACTION. We continue to learn that this is deep lifelong workwhich is essential and valuable for ALL. Learn with us. 

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