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Why Books?


The Humble Bumble Book is a creative resource to help craft carefully suited reading material for those of us interested in exploring challenging topics. The Humble Bumble Book takes pride in preparing the specific tools needed to feel comfortable in uncomfortable spaces.

Otilia Taylor -Tanner

I find myself living in a society where masks have become the new fashion trend. How can a piece of cotton stifle our voices and replace our style? It seems as if it were a lifetime ago when the streets were filled with hot pink hats and a united chant. As public outrage gave way to isolation, and isolation succumbed to the virtual parlors, many of us sought the comfort of a good book. I have always found something concrete in the titillation of all five of my senses at any time of the day. With (never) too much time on my hands, and a careful disconnection of the ugliness of 24 hour scare tactics, I escaped beyond my physical space to familiar spaces with old friends and new.

“Fashion is a form of escapism, not a form of imprisonment.”

-Alexander McQueen


"I visited Otilia and The Humble Bumble at the New Rochelle Holiday Bazaar where she had a booth. I left there with the perfect book for every child in my family and some adults, too. I told Otilia about these special people in my life and she managed to send me home with gifts that I could not wait to give. Needless to say, the recipients were so pleased and continue to thank me for giving them something meaningful to them. The combo of Otilia's deep respect for books and generous heart make her the bespoke bookseller of our community." 

We recently bought two amazing books for our grandkids from Humble Bumble. It was hard to decide as they had so many interesting and creative books to choose from. The owner, Otilia, and her family, were so helpful which added to our book buying experience.  We love Humble Bumble and can’t wait to buy more books from them. 

– Susan and Jim

– Nicole

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